Establishing the identity and imagery for a wine brand from the ground-up, or when rebranding a wine, is a step-by-step process that starts with the discovery stage. That’s when the winery client answers a series of written and verbal questions about the core fundamentals of their wine, including their objectives in achieving how the wine buying public is expected to respond when the wine is consumed by itself, as an aperitif, paired with various foods or as a digestif.

The proposed hierarchical sales positioning of the brand and any sub-brands is then considered, reviewed and confirmed, determining what market the wine’s per-bottle pricing and sales positioning will be directed — Value ($4-$10), Popular Premium ($10-$15), Premium ($14-$20), Super Premium ($20-$30), Ultra Premium ($30-$40), Luxury ($50-$100) or Super Luxury ($100-200).

The ultimate stage, sourcing the input and data established in these two stages, ventures into either creating, or in the case of a rebrand, recreating a visual representation of the brand in graphic form and determining how the brand will be presented to prospective wine markets.
The Brand Development Process
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